The following data is for the month of September 2017.

Water treated during the month September 2017 was 132,069,000 gallons.  Average day water treatment was 4.40 MGD; peak day was 4.66 MGD.  YTD water treated is 416,860,000 gallons; YTD average day is 4.53 MGD.  Average day demand for September 2017 was 73% of capacity; peak day demand was 78% of capacity.  Capacity is calculated based upon a plant capacity of 6.0 MGD.

During September 2017, 100% of the water treated was from the Kentucky River; 0% of the water treated was from the Reservoir. (Cost per 1000 gallons treated is $0.95 and YTD is $0.87 thru August 2017).    



Elevated Water Storage Tanks
Carroll E. Ecton Reservoir