EPA Consent Decree

In April of 2007 the City of Winchester and WMU entered into a settlement agreement with the United States Environmental Agency (EPA), the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet (EEC, formerly known as the Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet), detailing actions to be taken by City and WMU for violations of the Clean Water Act , 33 U.S.C. § 1319.  The settlement agreement is also known as the Consent Decree.  The basic tenants of the Consent Decree call for the City and WMU to:

  • Eliminate existing and recurring sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs)
  • Reduce the potential for future SSOs
Such is being achieved through a defined capital program and structured operation and maintenance (O&M) program. 
The Consent Decree "requires the City of Winchester and WMU to develop, submit, finalize and implement plans for the continued improvement of the wastewater collection and transmission system and the WWTP, and the elimination of SSOs and Unpermitted Bypasses."
The Entire Consent Decree Document can be read here: CONSENT DECREE
The WMU Capacity, Maintenance, Operations, and Management (CMOM) Programs Implemented under the Consent Decree are: