WMU Recycling Center


WMU Recycling Center

WMU Voluntary Recycling Center at 175 N. Maple Street is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

The recycling center is located behind WMU's Main Office at 150 N. Main Street; however, it is only accessible from the WMU N. Maple Street entrance.

The Lexington Recyle Center where WMU takes its recycling products is currently not accepting paper products.  Please place paper products in the trash until further notice. 

Any questions please call 859-744-1170


Help preserve our
limited landfill space
by recycling
 the following items:
1. Cardboard and Boxboard                                      
Cardboard packing boxes, cardboard tubes,
 boxes (with grey or brown insides),
pizza boxes, cereal boxes, and any
box that does not have a plastic coating.
Boxes should be flattened.
2. Cans
Steel food cans (empty & rinsed), aluminum
beverage, juice and soda can (empty & rinsed),
and metal aerosol cans (empty).
3. Plastic
Two-liter drink bottles, juice bottles and jugs, water bottles,
milk jugs and detergent bottles (empty & rinsed, no lids or caps).
4. Glass
Any glass bottles and jars, any color.


Items not recyclable include:



1.  Metal Items and Tanks
 No swing set, cookware, knives, chains, scrap metal, 
 propane or helium tanks or  compressors. Metal items can be 
 dropped off at the Transfer Station at 175 North Maple 
 Street Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

2. Car Parts and Tires

 No car parts, tires or batteries. Tires can be dropped off 
 at the Transfer Station  (charges do apply) Call (859)744-1170 for details.
3. Hoses and Cords
 No garden hoses, extension cords, ropes or leashes. They get tangled
 in the machinery.  These items should be placed in the regular trash curbit.
 4. Needles and Syringes
 Needles and syringes should be secured in a coffee can or
 milk jug with the lids taped up  and placed in the regular trash curbit.
5. Clothes Hangers
 Hangers can jam the recycling equipment. Donate them to charity
 or place them in the  regular trash curbit.
 6. Tarps and Clothing
 No tarps, blankets or clothing. These items can get tangled in the machinery.
 Donate them to charity or place them in the regular trash curbit.
 7. Plastic Items
 No lawn chairs, laundry baskets, trash cans, toys, blinds, buckets or other plastic items. If
 items are unbroken, donate to a local charity; if broken, place them in the regular trash 
 curbit. No Styrofoam or food trays of any kind.
 8 . Paper - until futher notice

white paper     

colored paper

envelopes (with windows accepted)               


brown paper bags                                                                           


shredded paper (bagged in brown paper bag)


phone books