Customer Service

New Service

New customers requesting service must:

  • Be in the ofice prior to 3:00 pm to sign up for sevice
  • Complete a service application
  • Provide a copy of the lease agreement listing all adult occupants
  • Provide photo identification and social security number verification

A minimum $100.00 security deposit is required for:

  • Customers that are renting or leasing property
  • Customers that are buying on a land contract
  • Customers that own their trailer but do not own the lot
  • Customers that have been sent to a collection agency by WMU

Customers may transfer existing service either in person or over the phone upon verification of customer identity.

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money Orders
  • Visa/Mastercard (Residential Customers only)
  • Automatic Bank Draft
  • Online Payments

Cash/Check/Money Orders - Payments for combined utility bills can mailed, paid in the office or at the drive-thru during normal business hours, or dropped in the night deposit.  Payments placed in the night deposit after 7:00 am will be posted to the next business day.  Please do not place cash in the night deposit! 

Visa/Mastercard - Residential customers may pay their combined utility bills by Visa or Mastercard for a small convenience fee.

Automatic Bank Draft - WMU provides this free service to customers wishing to have their payment for their combined utility bills taken directly out of their bank account.  Additional information about this option can be obtained from any customer service representative.

Application for Utility Service


What Cycle Is My Account In?

Beginning in January 2007 WMU will have Four Billing Cycles instead of Two Billing Cylces.  To determine which cycle your account is in you will need to look at the first two digits of your account number and find that number in the table below.

Example: If your account number is 12-03456-00 then your account would be in the 1st Cycle.

Cycle 1 
Cycle 2 
 Cycle 3
 Cycle 4
 1st Notices Due on
of Month
 1st Notices Due on
of Month
1st Notices Due on
of Month
 1st Notices Due on
of Month
 1            6   8        16 17  22       30
 2            7    9        19 18  25       32
 3          10  11        20 24  26       33
 4          12  13        21 35  27       38
 5          23  14        31 36  28       39
   15        34 37  29